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Download our Full Album "Nailed" - right from this Site - for EUR 8,90
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PRIVATE ANGEL are a bunch of friends that know each other since 25 years. They were constantly playing the music they like. And this is in fact the music You like, otherwise you would not be reading this.

While Peter and Dazz had a Group in the early 80s, wich was called Maggie´s Madness (later renamed as "Wildcat"), Robbo and Jo have been the heart of the Rockband "Vacancy".

Beside Talon and later Frontline, these two rocking Acts were the only ones out of Nuremberg that got their name spread all over Germany and Europe.

The new Album – "NAILED!" is about to be released on May/19/2011

PRIVATE ANGEL´s third release means the full pack for your ears.

Straightforward, on the level and neat they bring things to the point.

12 powerful and well produced songs covering everyday matters as well as current incidences just like the afghan complex of problems

PRIVATE ANGEL play adult, heavy and straightforward music in wich you can feel the experience of a lifetime in Rock business, loaded with catchy tunes and recognition value.

The album will be distributed by POINT Music in Munich in Cooperation with MusicBuyMail.

Order Number is 10370.

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