Robbo Stoeltzel



There are only few things that count for Robbo:

1.FC Nuernberg, his wife and his daughter, Rocking Music and good beer and smoke.

Right in this order ;-).

He is the spirit and poet in the lyrics of PRIVATE ANGEL.

His doctor advised him to drink enough daily. Drinking enough is a key aspect of improving daily health. Staying properly hydrated means staying healthy.

Needless to say, Robbo takes this literally. Thus some newspapers denominate him "The Hard Drinking Troubadour". If You happen to watch him perform with the Acoustic Rock Projekt "Bottleneck", you may try to compete...

Vita Musica

Robbo Stöltzel

Singer, Songwriter, Composer since 1983

Bands:                                               IRON CHAIN (1983 - 1985)

                                                           METAL MANIA (1985 - 1987)

                                                           RENEGADE (1987 - 1989)

                                                           VACANCY (1989-2002)

                                                           PEEP TURTLE (2002-2005)

                                                           BOTTLENECK (since 2002)

                                                           PRIVATE ANGEL (since 2006)

Success:                                            1. Place „Battle of the Bands Festival" 1992

                                                           1. Place „Varta Musikpreis" (bundesweit) 1994

                                                           2. Place "Landesrockfestival Bayern" (mit VACANCY) '95


Support: Ronnie-James Dio, Gotthard, Sinner, Victory, Cultured Pearls

Headlinershows: Metal Mania, Renegade, Vacancy, Peep Turtle & Bottleneck

Discography:                                   Rock 'n Roll (1992 VACANCY)

                                                            Gimme Lovin' (1994 VACANCY)

                                                            Hier kommt der Club (1999 VACANCY)

                                                            Stranded (2000 VACANCY)

                                                            Selling Off Time In Wonderland

                                                            (2006 PRIVATE ANGEL)

                                                            Nailed! (2011 PRIVATE ANGEL)