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Jo Schmidt

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jo"Steady Joe" is the clockwork within the driving group. You can adjust your click to his playing.

Beneath PRIVATE ANGEL he is working with the fabulous "Ballroom Shakers" and "Bottleneck" and is running his own music school successfully.

He casts as the balancing part of the band. When opinions differ and everyone is drifting apart, he puts it all together and calms it down.

He sais "to quit smoking is very easy. I have managed it often".


  • I love my family - Claudia, Marius, Jonas and Annika
  • My idols: Ian Paice - one of the greatest and Phil Rudd - the coolest
  • My hobbies are: balls of different sizes - the glubb, playing table tennis- and others
  • I wish: Peace for all - but how should this work, as long there is dancing on graves?
  • I don´t like: Mondays
  • I like: Lemmy, Cat Stevens (hey Boys, start a Band) - Obstkuchen mit Schlag - and my row!
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